Progress update w/c 26/10/15: Tree pruning and protection

Bardsey Tree Services has arrived onsite today to remove a small area of trees and shrubs from site in preparation for demolition work to begin.


We have a commitment on this project to ensure that we minimise the environmental impact of all construction activity and working with like-minded companies will help us to achieve this. We are therefore working with local experts Bardsey Tree Services who have over 20 years’ experience in tree pruning and protection. The firm recycles 100% of its green waste by using the timber for firewood and using the remainder of the wood to create biomass fuel for power stations.

We are also working very closely with architects for the scheme, Farrell & Clark and a specialist arborist to ensure that proper care and planning is implemented and that we preserve as many of the trees on the site as possible and enhance the surrounding landscape. Following this initial clearance, tree protection measures will be put in place to protect the remaining trees throughout each phase of construction.

David Morland, architect and partner at Farrell & Clark explains: “The design of the new Civic HQ, and its surrounding landscape embrace the existing attractive mature wooded parkland environment into which they are set. The retention of the existing landscape character and as many mature trees as possible have been key considerations of the design.

Ornamental shrub planting will be incorporated to the immediate building environment. New planting to the peripheral edges of the development will be in keeping with the character of the existing wooded and grassed parkland, and will be designed to retain its amenity value and promote ecology and sustainability.

In addition, the scheme has been designed to enhance public amenity spaces on the site. The scheme will create a new central courtyard which links the existing informal footpaths to the west to St Luke’s Avenue and create a flexible hard landscape space in front of the building, generally to provide access parking but also to provide a potential civic space for occasional small gatherings. The existing wooded parkland and amenity grassed areas to the south approach to the building will more or less be retained as existing. However the opportunity will be taken to provide new footpaths focussing on the public entrance and customer service centre. Additional woodland bulbs will also be introduced in this area with its existing swathes of spring daffodils retained and enhanced in places where it is currently bare.”

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