Safety update: Fencing and pedestrian access at Knapping Mount

We understand that before we began work on-site and erected safety fencing at Knapping Mount, it was a popular ‘cut-through’ for local dog walkers/residents. We are sorry if your daily routine has been disturbed and we would like to assure you that when the building work is completed in Spring 2017, the routes will be re-opened to the public.

All construction sites must take account of Health and Safety legislation.  The law says that business on construction sites must be conducted without putting members of the public at risk.  This includes the general public and any workers who may be affected by the work taking place on the site.  Where an area is cordoned off steps have to be taken to exclude unauthorised people – especially vulnerable people – from the site. Safety is, and must remain, our priority during our time on the project.


There is still an accessible route around the site from Portland Crescent, which may provide a solution for some, linking the path at the rear of the site which leads to the Luchon Way Play Area, Osborne Gardens, Osborne Close and St Luke’s Close. The section of woodland at the front of the site, which has not been fenced off will also remain accessible for residents to enjoy during the duration of the project.

Thank you for your understanding.


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