Introducing project architect: Farrell & Clark

F&CWe are pleased to be working in partnership with Leeds-based architects, Farrell and Clark on the Harrogate Borough Council new civic headquarters project and we are working closely with them to ensure that we deliver the vision for the Knapping Mount site.


Farrell and Clark are inventive, energetic and dedicated architects, master planners and sustainable designers with studios in Leeds and London. The firm has an excellent reputation for delivering quality architecture in both public and private sector projects. The practice has been recognised for the quality of their buildings with success in many national and regional awards.

David Morland, architect and partner at Farrell & Clark, explains why the firm was selected, the design vision for the final building and how it will enhance the local area for those living and working in Harrogate.

Architect blog 1What is your vision for Knapping Mount?

Our main vision for Knapping Mount is to create an enjoyable and vibrant place for people to work and visit.  Paramount to this vision is the concept of spaces which support modern working practices and allow the Council’s services to work cohesively on the same site.

Our design of the new HQ and surrounding landscape embraces the existing attractive mature wooded parkland environment into which they are set. We have given key consideration to the wooded and grassed space with the development being designed to retain the amenity value and promote ecology and sustainability. Designed to be a highly sustainable building, Knapping Mount will contribute to building a lower-carbon world and become a building Harrogate can be proud of and identify with.

How do you think the design of the building will enhance the local area?

Knapping Mount has been designed with a great deal of care, consultation and attention to the local conservation area in which the building sits.

The form and shape of the building are distinctive and unique whilst the scale, materials and proportion respect neighbouring structures and the wider conservation area.

The design enhances the public amenity spaces, creating a network of pedestrian routes with additional woodland planting being introduced throughout, creating swathe of spring flowers in areas which are currently bare. The addition of a central courtyard links the existing formal footpaths to the West and St Luke’s Avenue. The development will provide a potential civic space to host small gatherings whilst also providing access parking.

The community will benefit from a new public entrance and customer service centre, whilst retaining the existing wooded parkland and amenity grassed area to the South approach.  A new central courtyard will link the informal footpaths on the West to St Luke’s Avenue.

Overall the development encompasses facilities which in turn ensure the council is able to provide a better services for residents and visitors.

2 thoughts on “Introducing project architect: Farrell & Clark

  1. Can you advise
    1 the number of council worker s who will fill the new offices.
    2 the number if parking spaces available at the new offices.
    Many thanks


    • Hello and thank you for taking the time to read our blog,

      In answer to your question:

      – The working assumption is that circa 500 members of staff will work from the site but due to the type of work that is carried out by a number of officers (e.g. being off site carrying out inspections, attending meetings etc,), the ability for some members of staff to work from home on some days and the likelihood that at any one time some employees will be taking annual leave etc. the desk provisions within the building is 7 desks for every 10 members of staff, hence circa 350 desks are proposed to accommodate the employees that will work from the site.

      – The car parking proposal consists of 95 car parking spaces on the Knapping Mount site and it is intended that these spaces be used for staff that require a vehicle for work purposes, pool cars, car sharers and visitors to the site. The provision will be supplemented by a further circa 130 spaces at the HIC, approximately 500m from the Knapping Mount site giving a total car parking provision of 225 spaces.


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