Resident update: Road cleaning and traffic management

As we enter the next phase of activity on-site we wanted to take the opportunity to wish our Knapping Mount neighbours a Happy New Year and to provide an update on some of the recent measures that we have put in place to alleviate traffic and parking problems for residents living adjacent to the site.


As we outlined in our recent resident update we have had to close the main site car park due to safety reasons and we are aware that this has had an impact on the amount of traffic and vehicles parking or waiting outside the site entrances. We are doing all that we can to minimise on-street parking by site personnel who are as much as possible using local public car parks as well as working closely with our subcontractors to manage deliveries more efficiently.

Vehicle movements and deliveries

All of our subcontractors and any one making deliveries to site have been briefed on the rules regarding movement of vehicles and all large vehicles reversing out of site must be guided out by a traffic officer (banksman) to ensure safety. We are not always informed of the exact time of a delivery to site which can result in queuing at the entrance gates and occasional blocking of the road. We understand from resident feedback that this can be frustrating and we apologise for any inconvenience that you have experienced. Please be reassured that we are aware of the problem and are working hard to avoid it happening as much as is possible.

Cleaning the roads

The winter months and the increase in traffic to site makes keeping the roads adjoining the site clean a challenge. Unfortunately, it is impossible on a project of this scale to ensure that roads are completely clean and clear of all debris, all of the time, however we are taking action to try and limit this. We have a fork lift truck with watered sweeper, hand held jet wash and visiting road sweepers, being used regularly to clear the roads. At 3pm every day we are now stopping any deliveries and material movements (where possible) and completing a full daily clean to limit inconvenience to those residents returning home at the end of the day.


We would like to thank all residents for their patience and understanding and appreciate that living adjacent to a large building site of this nature can at times be frustrating. If you do have any concerns regarding any of the above information please contact our project manager Peter on

Welcoming Harrogate College bright ‘sparks’ to site!

At the end of 2016 we were delighted to welcome budding electricians from Harrogate College to experience a ‘live’ construction site and learn about the mechanical and electrical work and expertise that will go into the project.


Two groups of students, accompanied by electrical installation lecturer, Richard Costelloe were given a tour of the site, had the opportunity to meet key members of the site team and were able to see first hand what goes in to the design and construction of a large scale and complicated build. Their observations were discussed on site and in the classroom and have contributed positively to the learning process. As the build develops we look forward to welcoming more students from Harrogate College to site to see the final building come to life and inspire and engage them in the construction process.

If you are a school/college from the local area interested in ways to get involved in our project, please get in touch here on our blog or by emailing