Resident Update: upcoming works

Dear resident,

As we enter the final stages of the building of Harrogate Borough Council’s new civic centre we would like to let you know of upcoming works which may affect some residents living directly adjacent to the site. The installation of gas, electricity, telecoms and water supplies to the building will all be connected in the coming weeks and months and this may result in the temporary blocking of roads. We would like to apologise in advance for any inconvenience that this may cause.


Work to install the electricity services will be carried out by the utility companies and not the Harry Fairclough site team and by nature this work often commences with little pre-warning. We appreciate that this can cause inconvenience, so will endeavor to keep you informed of planned works wherever we are informed by the utility companies.

Northern Power Grid (NPG) has updated us of the following works to install the electricity supply to the substation in March, April and May (situated at the top end of St Luke’s Mount adjacent to the main site entrance):


Activity Date Area affected
Substation door delivery 17.03.17 St Luke’s Mount. Likely to be in the morning, making the road temporarily impassible.
Northern Power Grid kit delivery and install 21.03.17-23.03.17 Temporary block to St Luke’s Mount, (substation end) during delivery. Exact time unknown.
Earth nest excavation in front of substation Either 21.03.17

or 22.03.17

Potential for temp block to St Luke’s Mount for excavation

(this work will be carried out by Harry Fairclough)

Excavation of trenches to lay electric ducts 24.04.17-12.05.17 O’Conner Utilities on behalf of NPG will be excavating to lay ducts for the new supply, working up St Luke’s Mount and onto West Grove Road and Kings Road, this will also affect footpaths.
Installation of cables 08.05.17 Kings Road, West Grove Road and St Luke’s Mount will be affected. This may also affect footpaths.



The main problem we foresee with the above works, on St Luke’s Mount and West Grove Road, are that the roads may be rendered temporarily impassible for/due to any cars parked along it. We will try and update our site blog with any specific timings to help you plan your movements wherever possible and when we are given notice.

Further update letters will be issued shortly regarding the installation of water, gas, telecoms and external works to the site side of the road along St Luke’s Mount in due course.

As always we would like to thank you for your continued patience and welcome any questions or concerns via our Project Manager Peter – .



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