Do you have a question for our site team? 

We are compiling a set of Frequently Asked Questions about the Harrogate Borough Council headquarters building project to help address any queries or concerns that people involved in or impacted by the project have. If you have a specific question, please submit it using the box below or the contact page and we will add it to the list of FAQs that we have started below. All the questions and answers will be updated on an ongoing basis.


Q. Will the well-used footpaths through the site remain open and functional?

Safety on site is our number one priority and any tracks that go through/across the site will not remain functional as this would cause a safety risk. Signs will be erected at the commencement of the works to make clear which tracks/paths will be closed. The woodland area at the front of the site will remain unaffected and can still be enjoyed by local residents. Our recent blog post on fencing and pedestrian access provides suggestions for alternative routes around the site.

Q. Will the surrounding woodland and trees be protected and retained?

Yes we will spend the first few weeks on site erecting tree protection and no construction activity will commence until comprehensive tree protection is in place.

Q. Will the site be fenced off?

Yes the site will be fenced off and full time security personnel will be situated at the main site gate (West Grove Road)

Q. Will I still be able to use St Luke’s Mount? 

Yes St Luke’s Mount will remain fully accessible.

Q. If I have an issue with any activity taking place on the site, who should I contact?

Please email our site manager at Peter.Blackburn@harryfairclough.co.uk with any queries about work on site or feel free to comment on this blog.

Q. Who should I contact at the council with any questions or concerns about this project?

Any questions relating to the  project please contact strategicdevelopment@harrogate.gov.uk, for media queries please contact Media office on 01423 556825 or email news@harrogate.gov.uk