Update from Northern Powergrid electrical works

We have received the following confirmation from Northern Powergrid that the electrical works will commence on Monday 24th April 2017 and last for approximately 15 working days. We have been informed that the excavation work will commence in the roadway in St Lukes Mount, heading from the new Substation building to the junction with West Grove Road. Unfortunately this will involve a certain amount of disruption for nearby residents, but we aim to keep this to a minimum.

Further information about parking and road closures can be found in the Northern Powergrid letter here.


Resident Update: upcoming works

Dear resident,

Following our recent update regarding key dates and information for electricity installation on site please find below a further update on upcoming works to install gas and water services to the new building and to carry out other site works to parts of St Luke’s Mount.


Gas works will commence 19th April 2017 and will take place over 2-3 days.

The following drawing highlights affected areas which includes dig work at approximately the midpoint of St Luke’s Mount, this will be limited to the ‘site’ side of the road.

Site map for resident update


We do not yet have a confirmed date from the water company, however we have requested that this take place 24th April 2017 and will update our site blog as soon as we have confirmation. Dig work to accommodate the water supply to site will affect the top of St Luke’s Mount as outlined on the attached map.

The gas and water services installation may render St Luke’s Mount temporarily impassible for/due to any cars parked along it. We will try and update our site blog with any specific timings to help you plan your movements wherever possible and when we are given notice.

In addition to the above we will also be carrying out preparatory works for the above statutory authorities works, construction and scaffolding to the section of the cycle and bin store that adjoins St Luke’s Mount, construction of the new lay bay and kerb realignment. This work is expected to continue intermittently over the next 4- 6 weeks.

We would like to apologise in advance for any inconvenience that any of the above may cause and if you do have any specific access requirements during this period, then please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate them where possible.

As always we would like to thank you for your continued patience and welcome any questions or concerns via our Project Manager Peter – peter.blackburn@harryfairclough.co.uk .

Resident Update: upcoming works

Dear resident,

As we enter the final stages of the building of Harrogate Borough Council’s new civic centre we would like to let you know of upcoming works which may affect some residents living directly adjacent to the site. The installation of gas, electricity, telecoms and water supplies to the building will all be connected in the coming weeks and months and this may result in the temporary blocking of roads. We would like to apologise in advance for any inconvenience that this may cause.


Work to install the electricity services will be carried out by the utility companies and not the Harry Fairclough site team and by nature this work often commences with little pre-warning. We appreciate that this can cause inconvenience, so will endeavor to keep you informed of planned works wherever we are informed by the utility companies.

Northern Power Grid (NPG) has updated us of the following works to install the electricity supply to the substation in March, April and May (situated at the top end of St Luke’s Mount adjacent to the main site entrance):


Activity Date Area affected
Substation door delivery 17.03.17 St Luke’s Mount. Likely to be in the morning, making the road temporarily impassible.
Northern Power Grid kit delivery and install 21.03.17-23.03.17 Temporary block to St Luke’s Mount, (substation end) during delivery. Exact time unknown.
Earth nest excavation in front of substation Either 21.03.17

or 22.03.17

Potential for temp block to St Luke’s Mount for excavation

(this work will be carried out by Harry Fairclough)

Excavation of trenches to lay electric ducts 24.04.17-12.05.17 O’Conner Utilities on behalf of NPG will be excavating to lay ducts for the new supply, working up St Luke’s Mount and onto West Grove Road and Kings Road, this will also affect footpaths.
Installation of cables 08.05.17 Kings Road, West Grove Road and St Luke’s Mount will be affected. This may also affect footpaths.



The main problem we foresee with the above works, on St Luke’s Mount and West Grove Road, are that the roads may be rendered temporarily impassible for/due to any cars parked along it. We will try and update our site blog with any specific timings to help you plan your movements wherever possible and when we are given notice.

Further update letters will be issued shortly regarding the installation of water, gas, telecoms and external works to the site side of the road along St Luke’s Mount in due course.

As always we would like to thank you for your continued patience and welcome any questions or concerns via our Project Manager Peter – peter.blackburn@harryfairclough.co.uk .



Resident update: Road cleaning and traffic management

As we enter the next phase of activity on-site we wanted to take the opportunity to wish our Knapping Mount neighbours a Happy New Year and to provide an update on some of the recent measures that we have put in place to alleviate traffic and parking problems for residents living adjacent to the site.


As we outlined in our recent resident update we have had to close the main site car park due to safety reasons and we are aware that this has had an impact on the amount of traffic and vehicles parking or waiting outside the site entrances. We are doing all that we can to minimise on-street parking by site personnel who are as much as possible using local public car parks as well as working closely with our subcontractors to manage deliveries more efficiently.

Vehicle movements and deliveries

All of our subcontractors and any one making deliveries to site have been briefed on the rules regarding movement of vehicles and all large vehicles reversing out of site must be guided out by a traffic officer (banksman) to ensure safety. We are not always informed of the exact time of a delivery to site which can result in queuing at the entrance gates and occasional blocking of the road. We understand from resident feedback that this can be frustrating and we apologise for any inconvenience that you have experienced. Please be reassured that we are aware of the problem and are working hard to avoid it happening as much as is possible.

Cleaning the roads

The winter months and the increase in traffic to site makes keeping the roads adjoining the site clean a challenge. Unfortunately, it is impossible on a project of this scale to ensure that roads are completely clean and clear of all debris, all of the time, however we are taking action to try and limit this. We have a fork lift truck with watered sweeper, hand held jet wash and visiting road sweepers, being used regularly to clear the roads. At 3pm every day we are now stopping any deliveries and material movements (where possible) and completing a full daily clean to limit inconvenience to those residents returning home at the end of the day.


We would like to thank all residents for their patience and understanding and appreciate that living adjacent to a large building site of this nature can at times be frustrating. If you do have any concerns regarding any of the above information please contact our project manager Peter on peter.blackburn@harryfairclough.co.uk.

Welcoming Harrogate College bright ‘sparks’ to site!

At the end of 2016 we were delighted to welcome budding electricians from Harrogate College to experience a ‘live’ construction site and learn about the mechanical and electrical work and expertise that will go into the project.


Two groups of students, accompanied by electrical installation lecturer, Richard Costelloe were given a tour of the site, had the opportunity to meet key members of the site team and were able to see first hand what goes in to the design and construction of a large scale and complicated build. Their observations were discussed on site and in the classroom and have contributed positively to the learning process. As the build develops we look forward to welcoming more students from Harrogate College to site to see the final building come to life and inspire and engage them in the construction process.

If you are a school/college from the local area interested in ways to get involved in our project, please get in touch here on our blog or by emailing Chloe.Greenwood@harryfairclough.co.uk


Residents’ Christmas Newsletter from the Harry Fairclough site team

Dear Neighbour,

We have been a part of your community for over 12 months now and the Knapping Mount site has come a long way in that time. As we enter the final stage of the project we wanted to thank you for making us welcome and for your continued patience throughout the build process. We appreciate that living next to a live building site can be inconvenient at times and we are very much looking forward to completing the project in the Spring and handing over a building that will serve the Harrogate district for many years to come.

Christmas site hours

 The site will officially close for Christmas on Friday 23rd December and we will be back in action on the Tuesday 3rd January 2017. 24 hour security will be operational during the festive period and if you have any questions or concerns about the site during this time please feel free to comment on our blog which will be frequently monitored – www.harrogatecivichq.com

 New year, new phase  

 The next major phase of activity on site will include installation of the final section of steelwork to the canopy area by Gate 2. We will then be focussing on ‘closing in’ the building and continuing roofing so that the internal works can progress, we will also be commencing the external works to the scheme. As the building progresses you will start to see its innovative design come to life along with the architect’s vision of an enjoyable and vibrant place for people to work and visit that supports modern working practices and allows the Council’s services to work together on the same site.

 Parking and vehicle movement  

Unfortunately, we have had to close the main site car park due to the sheer amount of materials being delivered to site, as it was no longer safe to keep it open. Wherever possible, our site team is using local public car parks but there are times when tools or materials need to be brought to site and it is necessary to park in neighbouring streets or pull up or queue outside the site entry points. We are aware that parking is tight around the site and are doing all that we can to minimise on-street parking and manage deliveries efficiently to alleviate this wherever we can.

 Our community commitment

 Since the beginning of the project we have supported the local community by providing employment opportunities, building partnerships and giving young people an opportunity to be a part of this exciting build. We are very proud to report that over 90% of our subcontractors are based locally and we continue to provide opportunities to local businesses. Our partnership with Harrogate College is going strong and we currently have electrical students visiting site to gain valuable, hands on experience. Local schools are working hard to complete artwork that will be displayed in the finished building, and have also visited the site to plant trees. Our schools and college programme will continue until the end of the project so please get in touch if you are interested in finding out about how your local school could get involved.

For further information about our work with the local community please visit our site blog www.harrogatecivichq.com where you will find regular updates from our site team.

 Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, Peter and the Harry Fairclough site team


Celebrating National Tree Week with Coppice Valley Primary School

We had some very special visitors to site this week as a group of 36, year 4 children from Coppice Valley Primary School  joined us to plant tree seedlings in the woodland area surrounding the site. The children were joined by a number of representatives from Harrogate Borough Council and were excited to be part of such an important project for the town.


Around 100 young trees, including hazel, rowan, field maple and hawthorn, were planted along the north side of the site at Knapping Mount, as part of National Tree Week. The young trees were planted alongside more mature trees in the area to help in the regeneration of the woodland and provide a continued safe habitat for local wildlife.


The pupils carried out the planting, along with the Mayor of the Borough of Harrogate Councillor Nick Brown, and Michael Harrison, the Deputy Leader of Harrogate Borough Council.